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Avanzar Interior Technologies is located in San Antonio, TX. Avanzar was founded May 5, 2005. We are a Joint Venture company between Adient, Yangfeng and San Antonio Technologies.

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We produce automotive interiors for Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas, Inc.’s plant in San Antonio, where Tundra and Tacoma pickup trucks are manufactured. We also serve the Toyota Motor Manufacturing de Baja California in Mexico, which builds Tacoma pickup trucks.

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Avanzar is a word in Spanish that means, “to move forward.” Each day you will play an important role in helping our team move forward – by implementing best business manufacturing processes and having a continued focus on our customer, TMMTX, our suppliers and our joint venture partners, Adient and Yanfeng.

The Company came about in anticipation of the economic growth opportunities of auto manufacturers purchasing complete assemblies rather than components, and by providing valued service such as “just-in-time” deliveries. Sales growth, therefore, is not limited to vehicle sales; we can enjoy the advantage of marketing the “value-added” product to an industry that is outsourcing more of its requirements.


Berto Guerra, Jr.


san antonio trucks assembled



baja california, mexico trucks assembled


Background and Key Dates

  • Tundra Business Award

  • MBE Certification

  • Ground Breaking of Process Center

  • Joint Venture Agreement Executed

  • Start of Tundra Production

  • 14 Week Tundra Shutdown in TX and End of Production in Indiana

  • Toyota Announces Tacoma Production Will Move to Texas from NUMMI

  • Hire, Train & Re-Start Tundra 2nd Shift

  • Transfer Tacoma from NUMMI to TMMTX

  • Japan Quake/Tsunami and Thai Flooding

  • 480A Major Launch (Seating, Doors, OHS)

  • JV Partnership Created with YanFeng (IMM, Doors)

  • 989A Major Launch (Seating, Doors, OHS)

  • JCI Spins off Automotive Group as Adient

Get to know our

Manufacturing Capabilities

Avanzar operates at San Antonio in two main buildings, Process Center (252,676 sq-ft) and JIT Plant (68,230 sq-ft). Our operation is a non-union facility employing more than 900 employees.

Avanzar performs a variety of processes at this locations as part of its finished goods/products to Toyota and utilizing 186 external suppliers.  162 of these are US domestic with 22 international from Canada, Mexico and Asia.

Our seat frame assembly department is a modern operation consisting of 20 welding manufacturing cells, in addition to tube benders, torquing stations and smaller sub-assembly stations.  All manufacturing cells are automated and welding is performed by up to four Motoman Robots.  There are more than 50 robots in total in this department. Utilizing this setup, allows Avanzar to have a controlled high quality seat frame assembly, in-line with the highest product and process safety standards.  In these automated cells, the seat frames take shape by joining together our in-house bended/shaped tubes, using our MIG or Spot Welding processes, to the rest of the components, which include mechanisms, wires and many stamped parts received from our reliable suppliers.

Our Team

Join a unique team full of diversity, opportunity and growth!


1 Lone Star Pass
Building 41
San Antonio, TX 78264

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